“Safeguarding the money of others as if it were your own.”

– Herman Stifel

Our Guiding Principle

Stifel’s guiding principle comes from the motto of early company namesake Herman Stifel. Following this motto and placing the client’s needs first has helped guide Stifel to become one of the nation’s leading wealth management and investment banking firms.

For new clients, we believe it’s vitally important to understand your lifestyle and where you see yourself in the future. We’ll review your current assets/investments to determine how they’re allocated and organized and let you know our findings.  Then we’ll point out any weaknesses we see in your current strategy and offer ways in which we can help.  We believe in full disclosure – presenting and educating you on the full range of options available to you, with our focus on your needs.

Once we understand your key objectives, risk tolerance, investment behavior, and time horizon, we’ll help you develop investment strategies tailored to your unique needs.  While the news and media tend to focus on short-term market gyrations, we are committed to developing your overall financial picture with a focus on a long-term wealth planning strategy.  This involves developing strategies that seek to create and grow wealth, mitigating risk to your wealth, and planning for the distribution of wealth during life and at death in a tax-advantaged way. 

Stifel does not provide tax or legal advice. You should consult your tax and legal advisors regarding your particular situation.